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Parking 60kW-360kW DC Fast EV Charging Station
Parking Lot 60kW-360kW DC Fast EV Charging Station
Roadside 60kW-360kW DC Fast Charging Station
Parking 60kW-360kW DC Fast EV Charging Station
Parking Lot 60kW-360kW DC Fast EV Charging Station
Roadside 60kW-360kW DC Fast Charging Station

60kW - 360kW DC Fast Charging Stations


The Blink 60kW – 360kW DC Fast Charger is an all-in-one charging station designed for speed and serviceability. It provides from 140 to 500 amps of power depending on the model. The all-inclusive charger significantly reduces installation and maintenance costs by uniting the dispensers with the power cabinets for easy installation, deployment, and cost savings.

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Product Sheet
Key Features
  • All-inclusive charger for reduced installation costs

  • Modular design for ease of serviceability

  • Charge 2 vehicles simultaneously

  • 10" touchscreen display

  • Available in 500v, 750v and 1000v

  • CCS1 and CHAdeMo connectors

Maximum Power60kW120kW160kW180kW200kW240kW300kW360kW
Rated Power66.4kVA132.9kVA178.5kVA199.3kVA224.2kVA265.7kVA332.2kVA398.6kVA
FLA | | Breaker Rating80A || 100A (or larger)160A || 200A (or larger)215A || 270A (or larger)240A || 300A (or larger)265A || 335A (or larger)320A || 400A (or larger)400A || 500A (or larger)480A || 600A (or larger)
Output CurrentUp to 200AUp to 400AUp to 500AUp to 600AUp to 650AUp to 800AUp to 1000AUp to 1200A
Cycle Mode1 x 60kW (Max: 200A)1 x 120kW (Max: 400A)1 x 160kW (Max : 500A)1 x 180kW (Max: 600A)1 x 200kW (Max: 600A)1 x 240kW (Max: 600A)1 x 300kW (Max: 600A)1 x 360kW (Max: 600A)
Parallel Mode2 x 30kW (Max: 200A)2 x 60kW (Max: 400A)2 x 80kW (Max: 500A)2 x 90kW (Max: 600A)2 x 100kW (Max: 650A)2 x 120kW (Max: 800A)2 x 150kW (Max: 1000A)2 x 180kW (Max: 1000A)

All the power you need from one unit


With a powerful range of up to 360kW and up to 600 amps of output current, Blink is enabling drivers to get back on the road quickly.


The Blink 60kW-360kW DCFC is one of the only units built with an all-in-one format for easy installation, deployment, and cost savings.


Accessibility from all four sides and a modular design, the Blink 60kW-360kW DCFC makes maintenance and upgrades easy.

Blink 60kW - 360kW DCFC

Powerful, Sleek, and Compact DC Fast Charging

Compact enough to fit most parking layouts, the all-in-one DCFC solution offers owners greater flexibility in the choice of installation locations. By uniting the power cabinets and dispensers, the all-in-one design an overall reduced cost of ownership. With sealed, enclosed and modular internal components that can be accessed from all four sides, these 60kW – 360kW DC Fast Chargers from Blink are designed for optimal performance over a wide range of environmental conditions and site locations. Safe and reliable, all models are UL certified and come equipped with temperature sensors, an emergency stop function, and multiple voltage protections. Incorporate your brand with custom wraps of the units available to amplify your brand. Increase customer loyalty and brand recognition with Blink’s DCFC solutions.

Parking 60kW-360kW DC Fast EV Charging Station
60kW-360kW DC Fast EV Charging Station

“These new fast-charging options will provide up to 225 miles of range in 30 minutes, enabling more EV travel options across Vermont and beyond. Combined with incentives offering $10,000 or more toward eligible EV purchases, now is a great time to make the switch."

David Roberts,

Drive Electric Vermont coordinator

Ready to design your EV Charging solution?

Learn how the Blink 60kW-360kW DC fast chargers can attract new customers and promote longer and more frequent visits.

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