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PQ 100 Plug & Play Charging Cable


FOR EUROPEAN MARKETS — The Blink PQ 100 smart charging cable lets you power your car wherever you go! Designed for ease of use and portability – the PQ 100 does not require installation and can be easily stowed in the vehicle’s trunk while on the go. Features a durable shock, impact, and runover-resistant construction that allows for both indoor and outdoor use. With a maximum charging speed of 2.3kW, the Blink PQ 100 plug-and-play charging cable can charge your EV safely at any standard home outlet or on the road. This smart charger is the ideal way to charge your hybrid at home, monitor your consumption, and get reimbursed. Choose your ideal cable length of 5 meters or 8 meters, and monitor charging sessions with the straightforward 3-color LED and detailed LCD displays.

Type 2
Key Features
  • Up to 2.3kW output

  • No installation required

  • Compatible with multiple charging sockets

  • Connected via GSM/SIM, GPS

ProductPQ 100
Capacity2.3kW (Derated 13A to 10A for safety)
Voltage230V monophase
Communication InterfacesGSM/SIM, OCPPJ1.6
Cable Length6-Meters
ConnectivityGSM/SIM, GPS

Easily track electric consumption


The smart charging cable allows for dependable driver communication with GSM, GPS, and SIM variants ensuring driver access everywhere.

Plug & Play

Simplify the charging experience with this AC-Type 2 smart charging cable that can safely charge with 2.3kW of power.


A 6-meter charging cable reaches around the vehicle and is easy to store in the trunk and take with you at work or at home.


Intelligent, Scalable, & Flexible

The Blink PQ 100 is a smart charging cable with a Type 2 to Schucko plug, also available with a UK plug. Intuitive 3-color LEDs provide detailed feedback on the charging status and can alert the user in case of an EV fault or an electrical fault, and provides valuable feedback throughout the charging experience. The LCD screen displays critical information about the smart charging cable such as voltage, amps being delivered, internal temperature of the charger, kWh charged, and time elapsed in a session. The plug-and-play functionality of the Blink PQ 100 makes this smart charging cable ideal for charging easily and safely whether on the go or at home.

“Creating an effortless charging experience for EV drivers lowers the barriers of EV adoption. The more straightforward the process, the more people will be convinced to join in the mobility transition.”

Trishan Peruma

CEO of Hubject Inc.

Ready to design your EV Charging solution?

Learn how the Blink PQ 100 smart charging cable can improve your charging experience.

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