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Series 3 – 2/3 Wheeler Charging Station


FOR INDIA MARKET — The Blink Series 3 International charging stations are designed to simplify charging for two and three-wheeled electric vehicles. With a powerful output of up to 3.3 kW per charging port when connected to a three-phase 415V AC circuit at 15 amps. In a compact form factor and commercial-grade aluminum body, the Blink Series 3 provides flexibility from installation to implementation. A scalable EV charging solution that can accommodate up to 45 charging points with a single communication gateway, providing further ease of installation to station owners. Interactive LED lights provide drivers with intuitive multi-color status indicators and a simple way to start and manage their charging experience.

Key Features
  • Up to 15A of output

  • OCPP 1.6 compliant

  • Multi-socket unit which supports IEC60309 and 5/15A sockets

  • Available only in socket variant

ProductSeries 3
Current15A Max per port
Voltage230 VAC (± 20%) single-Phase per port
Power3.3 kW (@220VAC) Max
Charging ConnectorStandard IEC60309 Socket; Optional 5/15 A, 3-Pin Socket
Data CommunicationStandard IEC60309 Socket; Optional 5/15 A, 3-Pin Socket

Installation-free compatibility


The smart charging cable allows for dependable driver communication with GSM, GPS, and SIM variants ensuring driver access everywhere.

Flexible & Durable

Multiple socket types and attachments allow this smart cable to simplify the charging experience through maximum compatibility.


A 10-meter charging cable can reach around the vehicle and is easy to store in the trunk and take with you at work or at home.

Blink Series 3

Versatile, Flexible, & Scalable

The Blink Series 3 charging stations are feature-rich through their smart network connection, unlocking built-in electric metering and a robust charging management system to set charging pricing and more. OCPP 1.6 Compliance ensures interoperability and reliability for future growth. The flexibility of multiple socket options can accommodate IEC60309 and Standard 5/15A sockets. Includes Wi-fi connectivity standard with 4G and Ethernet communications optional. The flexibility and scalability of the Blink Series 3 international charging station is suitable for a wide array of EV charging applications such as hotels, retail, fleet, and parking spaces.

“Creating an effortless charging experience for EV drivers lowers the barriers of EV adoption. The more straightforward the process, the more people will be convinced to join in the mobility transition.”

Trishan Peruma

CEO of Hubject Inc.

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