Throughout our website and marketing materials, we reference various reports, research studies, estimated industry projections, and statistics regarding electric vehicles, electric vehicle infrastructure, consumer patterns, and trends. Below you can find a list of the sources for the information found on our website and in our marketing collateral. For any additional information, you may click on the source below.

125 Million Electric Vehicles Will be on the Road by 2030
Global EV Outlook 2018
Source: International Energy Agency

13 Million Charging Stations Will be Needed in the US by 2030
Global EV Outlook 2018
Source: International Energy Agency

88% of Consumers Want Brands to Help Them Live Sustainably
Source: Forbes

30% of All Vehicle Sales Will be Electric by 2025
Driving Into 2025: The Future of Electric Vehicles
Source: JP Morgan Research

Over 80% of Students Want their Institution to Incorporate and Promote Sustainability
Most Students Want Sustainable Development Part of All University Courses
Source: UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

EVs Generate Half the Emissions of a Gas Car from Manufacturing to Lifespan
Electric Car Myth Buster – Well-to-Wheel Emissions
Source: Cleantechnica

58% of Renters are Willing to Pay More to Live in a Community Offering EV Charging
Stat of the Week: EV Charging
Source: Multifamily Executive

39% of People Identify the Need for Park-and-Charge Solutions
2018 Emerging Trends in Parking
Source: International Parking Institute

Employees are 6X More Likely to Drive EVs When Workplace Charging is Available
Implementing Workplace Charging Within Federal Agencies
Source: US Department of Energy

10 million Forecasted EV sales in 2025
The Facts on EV Charging
Source: Enel X

By 2030 3.5 Million EVs will be Sold Annually
Electric Transportation Benefits Customers and Communities
Source: Edison Electric Institute

51% of EV Drivers Prefer to Charge at Their Home
Americans Cite Range Anxiety, Cost as Largest Barriers for New EV Purchases: Study
Source: The Drive

16 miles Average One-Way Commute to Work
A Look Under the Hood of a Nation on Wheels
Source: ABC News

By 2035, Electric Truck Sales Could Top 100k
Commercial Vehicle Electrification: To Charge, or Not to Charge
Source: ACT Research

75% Lower EV Fleet Maintenance Costs
Measuring (and Minimizing) EV Total Cost of Ownership
Source: Green Fleet

90% of Fleet Managers Believe EVs are the Future
Survey: 90% of Fleet Managers Believe EVs are Inevitable Future of Commercial Fleets
Source: Green Fleet

89% of EV Drivers Make a Retail Purchase While Charging
Business Electric Vehicle Charging
Source: Center for Sustainable Energy

63% of Millenials are Likely to Consider an EV
Step aside, Boomers: New electric-car buyers in Northeast may be Millennials
Source: Green Car Reports

EV Drivers’ Income is 2x the Average
Taxing the Poor to Pay for Your Car
Source: Mackinac Center

250 Million EVs Forecasted Globally by 2030
Global EV Outlook 2019
Source: International Energy Agency

28% of EV Drivers Use Public Chargers Weekly
EVolution: Electric Vehicles in Europe
Source: McKinsey & Company

66.5 Minutes:  Average Charge Time at Restaurants
Source: Blink Network Data