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10 New EVs Racing into the Market in 2024

This year, a variety of new electric vehicles will make their debut on production lines and roads. Whether you’re in the market for high-performance vehicles, budget-friendly options for newcomers to the EV scene, or even a unique three-wheeled model, there’s something to suit everyone’s needs. Here are 10 of the EVs that our team is

What EV Drivers Should Know About Leasing an EV This Year

Electric vehicle (EV) adoption is increasing. Cox Automotive forecasts a notable surge in electric vehicle adoption, projecting a rise from 7.6% in 2023, which witnessed a record 1.2 million domestic sales, to an anticipated 10% by the close of 2024 in the U.S. automotive market. The progression from 9% in 2022 underscores the growing prominence

How to Get the Federal Clean Vehicle Tax Credit This Year

The United States federal government has made it even easier to buy a new or used electric vehicle (EV). The latest Clean Vehicle Tax Credits can be applied to the purchase of a new or used EV at the point of sale as of January 1, 2024.  The Clean Vehicle Tax Credit for new EVs

New Year’s Resolutions for EV Drivers

It’s a new year and that means resolutions to improve your life. Blink Charging has already shared some New Year’s resolutions for Blink Hosts to make 2024 the best year ever for electric vehicle charging, and now it’s time for EV drivers. Here are five EV resolutions for EV drivers this year. I resolve to…

Blink’s 2023 Year in Review

2023 is nearly at its end, and the Blink team is working hard to bring EV charging everywhere. It’s been a great year with company record-breaking sales and big increases in our membership. In our Third Quarter 2023 Earnings Report, we proudly announced that Blink has successfully contracted, sold, or deployed nearly 85,000 charging stations

How New Eligibility Criteria for the Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Affects You

Opting for an electric vehicle and leveraging the EV tax credit to help with your next electric vehicle purchase is a smart move. There are various opportunities available to help offset the expenses linked with transitioning to electric vehicle. One such incentive is the Clean Vehicle Credit, a key component of the Biden administration’s Inflation Reduction Act. This