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EV Charger Manufacturing in the US... Why Does It Matter?

Posted 05/01/2023

The White House recently implemented rules for various federal funding opportunities requiring companies to be Buy America compliant. The EV charging industry is no different. The Buy America standards require that all steel and iron incorporated into a project must be produced in the United States. The assembly and manufacturing processes of products, including EV chargers, also must be done in the United States.  These requirements are put in place to not only promote job growth in the United States but also to ensure that industry supply chains are secure and stable. Supply chain concerns arose during the COVID-19 pandemic when the cost and time to produce many products skyrocketed. For supply chain resiliency, it is critical that these Buy America requirements are upheld for federal infrastructure projects such as the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program that is being implemented this year in many states to expand our nation’s EV charging infrastructure.   With President Biden’s goal of building a national network of 500,000 electric vehicle (EV) chargers along America’s highways and transitioning new car sales to 50% EVs by 2030 alongside the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law investing $7.5 billion in EV charging, $10 billion in clean transportation, and over $7 billion in EV battery components, critical minerals, and materials, the surging growth in the EV industry is the perfect opportunity to put the Buy America concept into practice.   Additionally, the EPA is proposing rules that would accelerate EV adoption by requiring automakers to limit greenhouse gas emissions. The EPA projects that at least 60% of new passenger vehicles sold in the U.S. would be electric by 2030 and up to 67% by 2032, according to the Associated Press.  Good-paying manufacturing and installation jobs are necessary on the path to net-zero emissions by 2050 and these jobs will be kept in the United States with Buy America requirements in place.   What does this matter?   By being Buy America compliant, a company is effectively investing their money and time into communities across the U.S. which stimulates job and economic growth for the surrounding community for years to come. Investing in our national infrastructure, as well as companies in the U.S., ensures that our communities and economy continue to benefit from the investment our government makes with your tax dollars.  

What does Buy America compliance look like for Blink?  

Blink is proud to be a Buy America-compliant EV charging company and follow the standards set by the federal government. For Blink, this means:  

U.S. Based Manufacturing 

Blink manufactures EV charging stations and has deployed more than 66,000 chargers in 27 countries around the world. A majority of these chargers are manufactured here in the United States at Blink’s Bowie, Maryland facility, about 30 minutes outside of Annapolis. Blink proudly assembles state-of-the-art Level 2 home and commercial chargers in our U.S. facility, employing more than 50 individuals in Maryland.  

Testing and Research 

Blink goes a step further and conducts the testing and configuration of our products in their 24,000 sq. ft. facility in Tempe, Arizona. While testing and configuration is not a requirement for Buy America compliance, Blink tests over 150 products daily. The Arizona facility is also home to a team that conducts troubleshooting services for chargers nationwide, ensuring that products that are made in America can also be serviced and replaced by a stateside workforce in a timely manner.   This investment in economic development was recently recognized by Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs and Tempe Mayor Corey Woods, who toured the facility to better understand how the EV charging industry is growing in Arizona and how Blink contributes to the local economy.  

Component Materials and Labor 

In addition to manufacturing and testing in the United States, Blink sources materials for charger components from US-based companies. All the steel and iron incorporated into any charger manufactured in the United States is also produced in the United States. By sourcing locally, Blink is supporting domestic industries and job creation in the country. Blink currently employs over 250 people nationally and is growing.   Buy America promotes domestic economic growth and, by validating their continued commitment, encourages companies, like Blink Charging, to keep and grow their business at home. 

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