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The Domino Effects of Blink’s New Manufacturing Facility

Posted 05/23/2024

In March 2024, Blink proudly inaugurated its new manufacturing and production facility in Bowie, Maryland. This momentous event not only reshaped Blink’s history but also sparked a chain reaction of influence throughout the broader EV industry. Here’s what you should know.

Blink’s Evolution

Since our inception, Blink has focused on designing our chargers with cutting-edge technology. However, manufacturing hasn’t always been part of our process. Early on, we recognized the importance of developing and evolving our proprietary, cloud-based Blink Network, which sustains thousands of Level 2 and DC fast charging stations. We worked to address customer concerns over charger reliability and built out our Network Operations Center (NOC) based in Tempe, Arizona, to proactively monitor networked chargers and improve reliability and operation. Our future-focused product design, innovative network solutions, and comprehensive customer support have propelled us forward. Still, our leadership sought to elevate Blink to the next level and enhance the charging experience for our hosts and drivers.

SemaConnect Acquisition

In 2022, Blink Charging acquired SemaConnect, a vertically integrated electric vehicle charging company headquartered in Bowie, Maryland. SemaConnect, a pioneer in the industry, was known for its advanced Series line of Level 2 charging stations. Blink sought to leverage SemaConnect’s extensive manufacturing experience and developed supply chain to increase domestic charging station production.

Blink Series 7 EV charging station with cable management

The acquisition of SemaConnect provided Blink with new oversight over the production process, from hardware and network design to manufacturing, installation, and station management. Gaining SemaConnect’s domestic manufacturing facilities in Maryland better positions Blink to cater to customers seeking to support American-made products and to leverage federal initiatives like the NEVI Formula Program, which includes Buy America-compliant requirements.

The Benefits of Integration

Hardware and software work better when they are designed, tested, and deployed in tandem. In the realm of smart products, both hardware and network capabilities play pivotal roles. Technologies such as OCPP enhance the seamless connection of SemaConnect equipment to the Blink Network, supported by standardized communication protocols.  This integration empowers us to fine-tune our hardware and software for flawless communication and enhanced component control. Blink remains responsive to the consumer market, as demonstrated by the announcement that NACS plugs will be incorporated across our entire product range. Blink is committed to advancing technology and charger reliability through strengthened oversight throughout the entire process, from design to manufacturing, product sales, and customer support. Through in-house manufacturing and network engineering, we uphold stringent quality standards, reinforcing our commitment to a seamless charging experience.

Blink’s Evolution and Future

Following the integration of SemaConnect into Blink, customers will begin reaping the rewards of our acquisition. We moved our production team into a large, modern manufacturing facility and warehouse. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our production technicians are primed to elevate Blink’s manufacturing capabilities to new heights as we estimate an increase in annual production of Level 2 chargers from 15,000 to an anticipated 50,000. This enhanced output will cater to the growing demand for EV charging stations across residential, workplace, and public settings. With expanded facilities and streamlined growth strategies, we’re poised to expand our prominence in the District of Columbia-Maryland-Virginia (DMV) region.

Interested in being part of the EV industry? Explore opportunities on our Careers page to discover open positions with Blink Charging. We look forward to welcoming new talent to our team!

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