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Five Ways the New Blink Network Makes Hosting a Charger Easier

Posted 10/21/2022

Blink is proud to announce the new and improved Blink Network with market-leading technology to enhance your experience.

We are on a mission to enhance the user experience across all Blink platforms to develop the leading EV global charging network. We have rebuilt the host portal and EV driver mobile app from the ground up, designed with a user-centric experience and allowing new features to be added regularly. This launch sets the foundation to provide more flexibility, information, and control than ever before.

Let’s take a look at five of the Blink Network enhancements that Blink Charging site hosts can enjoy in the new host portal.

1.Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Depending on their business model, site hosts can manage charging rates with more flexibility.

Different Pricing Options

Blink Charging site hosts can now offer pricing specific to a location or specific to a charger within that location.They can also offer different pricing based on the users by defining fees for staff, customers, or others.

Other Fees

Even better, the new and improved Blink Network allows site hosts to not only manage their charging fees, but also set occupancy fees and local taxes.

When a site host is done setting up the various fees, they can save these preferences as a template and easily reuse for other locations as needed.

2. Personalized Experiences with User Groups

To make it even more flexible, site hosts have options of adding different users to groups and providing free or discounted rates to those users.

Set rates based on whether a customer is a Blink member, an employee, a guest, or someone who belongs to a different network.

For example, if a site host wants to create their own loyalty program for customers, you can create a user group for that specific group of people and charge them a lower rate based on their loyalty program status.

3. EVSE Location Management Made Easy

The new Blink Network gives businesses the ability to completely manage their hosted EV charging stations.

Not only are site hosts able to group users to provide a customized experience, but now they can also group chargers or locations into zones.

Create Zones

Blink is giving site hosts the ability to group chargers into zones and set permissions for different user groups based on each of those zones created.

Let’s look at an example of how this may work:

A site host has a group of chargers in the downtown core of a city and other chargers sprinkled around an industrial sector of that same city. That site host can group the downtown chargers together in a “Downtown Zone” and group the others as “Industrial Park Chargers.”

With the new Blink Network, site hosts can set two different prices for these two different zones. And, as mentioned earlier, site hosts are able to provide unique pricing per user group and different permissions for these two zones.

4. Downloadable Reports Anytime

The new Blink Network keeps site hosts informed by tracking a charge session’s energy usage and charge fees.

Downloading statements to track expense and profit history is easy and gives site hosts the power to better understand how their Blink Charging stations are used throughout the month. Furthermore, you can download your full location charge history or individual charger history at any time to understand how each charger is doing.

5. Quick Administration When Creating Delegates

“Delegates” in this context means anyone the site host wants to have the ability to manage the charging stations.

If the site host wants an employee to be able to have administrative access to chargers in a specific location or zone created, they simply add them as a delegate and then set their permissions accordingly.

This delegate will now be able to manage the locations the site host has added them to within the parameters set by the permissions.

The new Blink Network goes hand-in-hand with the new Blink Charging Mobile App to give site hosts a seamless experience when managing their stations and drivers a more intuitive way to find these charging stations and manage their activity. The new Blink Network sets the foundation for many new features to come. We are excited for what the future holds!

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