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Made with Today's EV driver in mind

Blink App - Charging Made Easy

Finding a charger is an intuitive experience with advanced search, saving of favorites, and the ability to search for nearby amenities while you charge.

Details of Your Charging Session

Drivers can view the battery percentage, charging speed, total energy delivered, session duration, and the estimated cost to reach that full charge. Manage all charging sessions by being able to start, pause, end, and restart a charge.

Narrow Search Results

Drivers can search for a charging station by address, zip code, city, business name, or category - filter results by speed, availability, hours, cost, or connection type. Location photos help drivers identify landmarks and locate the charger.

Favorite Charger Locations

Have a preferred station? You can save your favorite charging locations for quick access and be ready to go. Add frequently visited chargers to the favorites list by tapping the heart icon on the charging location's page.

Find Nearby Amenities

The Blink Mobile app recommends amenities nearby each charging location for drivers. Find local restaurants, shopping centers, and other activities near the charger.

Blink Charging Mobile App

"Great new app. Easy to use and easy to find stations in the area. Blink has the most reliable EV chargers. Keep it up Blink!"

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Charge Easier With the Blink Mobile App

Getting your vehicle charged while you are on the go can be easy. Click here to learn more.


Your Blink App Questions, Answered

Here are the top Blink App questions asked by EV drivers like you.

Where can I download the Blink app?

The Blink Mobile App is available on the App Store and Google Play for EV drivers in North America. To charge outside North America, please visit your region’s Blink website to view mobile app offerings.

You do not have to become a Blink member to search for or use a publicly available Blink charging station! Any EV driver can start a charge at a public station via credit card by tapping Search, then the QR icon, then typing in the station serial number. However, to use a private Series X station with an access code, you must first sign up for Blink and be approved by that station host before you can charge.

Blink offers flexible business models, including Host Owned and Blink Owned. Station pricing can be determined by either the Station Host or Blink’s recommended market pricing, depending on the contract. On the Blink App, you can view pricing on the Station or Location level. From the Map, tap the location, then scroll to Rate. Depending on the location, you may see rates for kWh Energy disbursed, Session, hourly Occupancy/Parking, or Sales Tax. Note that some locations may vary their rates based on time of day or utilize a hybrid kWh and Parking pricing plan

When viewing the Blink map, the color of the location pin or station will change to reflect live station status. Green means that a station is available, and Blue means the station is currently charging a vehicle.