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Goodbye Range Anxiety, Hello Portable EV Charging

Posted 03/16/2023

For many drivers considering their first electric vehicle, one of the biggest barriers is this: fear of running out of electricity, also known as “EV range anxiety.” With public charging stations less frequent along highways than gas stations, it makes sense. A Volvo/Harris study found that 65% of EV drivers said that they initially had range anxiety that “went away after a few months,” which reflects the typical driver’s home charger usage. But for the rest of the drivers who sometimes take long road trips or forget to plug in their vehicle, Blink now has a new solution for range anxiety. EV roadside assistance is now available thanks to the newly redesigned Blink Portable Charger. Here’s what you need to know. 

Roadside Assistance Redesigned 

The new Blink Mobile Charger represents the next generation of portable charging. In 2020, we launched our first-generation mobile charger, which included the IQ 200, a generator, and a modular frame. With this first-generation mobile charger, we helped companies like AAA power up their service fleets and get drivers back on the road.

mobile charger

Our new 2023 redesign makes it even easier for roadside assistance companies and emergency services to expand their programs. We have changed the IQ 200 to an HQ 200 – our 50-amp residential charger. Our new mobile charger weighs 120 pounds less, thanks to a new generator with a more modular frame. By reducing costs and making our mobile charger more compact, we’re making it easier for service fleet companies to add portable EV charging to their service options.

How to Use a Blink Mobile Charger 

Using the new Blink Mobile Charger is easy. Once your roadside assistance driver arrives, all you have to do is wait for your service provider to turn on the charger, watch the LED light turn green, then plug in your vehicle. Depending on your vehicle, you’ll receive up to 7.7kW of power and up to 1 mile of range per minute. This Level 2 charger is designed to provide you with enough power to get to the nearest charging station. 

The Blink Mobile Charger connects to the Blink Network! Some roadside assistance companies will offer emergency charging as a free service, while others can add the charger to the Blink Network. You can use the newly redesigned Blink Charging app to pay for a charge, search and get directions to a nearby charger, and view session details.  

Very soon, towing companies and emergency roadside assistance companies will have portable charging among their services. And we’re here to keep you charged at home, work, and on the go.  

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