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How Quickly Can Your Business Pay Off Your New EV Charger? Sooner Than You Think

Posted 02/24/2021

Years ago,, reported that access to electric vehicle charging stations at workplaces had doubled: 90% of employers reported their stations were in regular use 5 days a week. Industry experts and environmentalists alike have discovered the key to putting more electric vehicles on the road is to make sure there are enough chargers for potential customers to feel certain they will be able to charge their EV regularly. Today, according to Forbes, there are 26,000 charging stations and 86,000 plugs in America, not counting home units. The time when it was okay to not have charging stations in a business garage or parking lot is long gone. There are a few different choices when it comes to purchasing EVSE, but Blink is different from the rest. Our competitors are in the business of selling equipment. They sell you an EV charger and whatever happens to it from there is your problem. We’re not bosses and we’re not salesmen, we’re partners, and our business models are completely unique in the industry. Because we manufacture, own, and operate our own equipment, it’s not in our best interest to create a lot of unneeded new equipment with expensive new parts. It’s also not in our best interest to manufacture shoddy equipment or equipment that isn’t cutting-edge and up-to-date, since we’d be the ones paying to replace it. Our business is your business. We succeed when you succeed. Access to our proprietary Blink Network allows our partners to set hours of operation, decide who can use the charger and who can’t, how much energy they can use, remotely control the charger, and most importantly charge a fee for energy used! Finding the plan that’s right for you is easy. How long it will take to pay off your charger and start making a profit will differ by state, but also by which business plan you choose. Which plan you should choose is dependent on your type of business, your location, and other factors. [caption id="attachment_6658" align="aligncenter" width="730"] Blink Business Models. Click the image to find out more.[/caption]

The Hybrid Owned Plan

If your business chooses the hybrid owned plan, Blink covers the cost of equipment, operations, and administration. All you need to do is make the site EV charger ready. “Hybrid” of course means “combination”, and our hybrid owned plan is a combination of plans. Your business will share costs and revenue with Blink. Blink takes responsibility for the cost of the unit, installing, and administration while sharing 40% of profits with the host. The hybrid share model allows your location to provide the charging station to customers while Blink provides the equipment, operations, and administration. Your business should begin making a profit as soon as its share revenue becomes greater than shared cost, within a couple of years, but advertising, signage, etc, can help your charger turn a profit faster.

Blink as a Service Plan

Blink’s subscription program provides an EV charging station host with lower costs and all the control of ownership without any of the hassle. The Blink as a Service Monthly Subscription Model is perfect for those who want low upfront costs, yet all the control of ownership. Blink’s subscription program provides your location with EV charging stations at a low monthly cost and all charging revenues. Blink pays for the equipment and the installation, while the host pays low monthly fees to Blink, yet the host sets their own charging fees and keeps 100% of the charging revenue for themselves. All equipment is monitored and maintained by Blink. With this business model, you can begin to make a profit quickly. Signs and advertisement will help the public know you have EVSE on site. It would take under a year for your business to begin making a profit over and above the $99 monthly subscription fee to Blink.

Blink Owned Plan

In the Blink owned business model, Blink owns and operates the charger. For select locations, Blink will provide the installation, equipment, operations, and administration and share a portion of the revenues with the host. The Blink-Owned Business Model is perfect for high-traffic, publicly accessible locations that will have frequent use. This turn-key solution is for select locations where Blink provides EV chargers, electricity reimbursement, and a revenue share. In this model, Blink covers everything! There is no upfront cost. The equipment, preparation of the site, installation, electricity, monitoring, and maintenance are all provided by Blink, at our expense. There is no subscription fee, and the host still collects 5% of the charging revenue. With this business plan, you can begin making a profit on your EVSE the moment it’s out of the box.

Host Owned Plan

Perfect for service locations, Blink's Host Owned option is for those who want to be the sole owner and operator of their EV charging stations. The host purchases the equipment from Blink, sets their own fee for usage, and keeps 100% of the profits. However, this business plan does not include membership in the Blink Network, so Blink does not provide the ability to control the charger, set up the ability to charge, or create reports on usage. All maintenance and upkeep is the sole responsibility of the host, though we are happy to connect our hosts with third party repair shops if possible. With this plan, your business can have your charger paid off in about 4-5 years. Rebates and tax credits offered by the federal government and individual states can also help hosts save a bundle on EVSE. Federal tax credits have been extended through 2021, and can cover up to 30% of the cost of purchase and installation of EVSE. Check out individual state rebates and incentives here. Depending on which type of plan is right for your business, you can begin serving sustainability and making a profit on your EVSE as soon as possible. Committed to the EV industry, Blink provides flexible business models for our host locations. Blink’s four unique business models are designed for every business, helping your business become an EV charging destination.

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