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Universal EV Charging with Blink

Posted 06/30/2023

There have been some innovative changes in the EV industry. To address the changes in the EV sector, and more specifically, EV charging, Blink Charging announced that we will now offer the much talked about North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector on our full line of EV charging products. This newly renamed plug is quickly becoming a standard for electric vehicle charging. But what is NACS? Here’s what you need to know. 

Three standard plugs for DC fast charging 

Originally used as a proprietary plug for Tesla vehicles, NACS is one of three connectors for DC fast charging that include CHAdeMO, primarily used by Asian automakers, and CCS (Combined Charging System), which is more specific to European and American automakers. However, with CHAdeMO slowly being phased out, this now leaves most new EVs to offer only CCS or NACS ports for fast charging. 

NACS catches on 

In November 2022, Tesla renamed its connector design and invited other automakers and charging networks to join its newly renamed North American Charging Standard. For the most part, the EV industry was quiet; that is until Ford, quickly followed by General Motors, announced that they would switch from the widely accepted CCS to NACS. Understanding the need to meet the needs for all vehicle models, Blink announced our plans to include NACS in our new DC Fast Charger that was teased  at CES in Las Vegas earlier in the year. Following this exciting announcement, Blink engineers diligently advanced the integration of NACS connectors across our entire Blink Charging charger product line. With 90% of EV charging done on Level 2 chargers, this was an important step to help ensure the seamless EV charging experience for drivers. We are now seeing a number of automakers and charging networks announcing their plans to include NACS connectors in their EV models and chargers. 

Why NACS integration into Blink chargers matters 

Blink has always positioned itself to lead, innovate, and adapt as the industry continues its aggressive path towards zero emissions vehicle adoption. This means meeting the needs and demands of OEMs and drivers. Our goal is to be able to charge any vehicle, regardless of connector type. We will continue to support all EVs and will ensure we have NACS chargers to meet the needs of such brands as Ford, GM, Rivian and Volvo.  

And with Tesla drivers making up the largest Blink Charging  user group, providing NACS creates a smoother charging experience that fuels EV adoption. Not only that, but, given that residential and commercial Level 2 EV charging stations currently account for approximately 90% of EV charging use in the United States, Blink will continue to provide accessible technology that minimizes driver confusion and creates a convenient and seamless EV charging experience for all drivers.  

As a leading EV charging station manufacturer and network provider, we are committed to universal standards including OCPP and OpenADR on the Blink Network, J-1772 for Level 2, CHAdeMO and CCS for DCFC, and the new NACS plug for current and upcoming EVs. We’re paving the way for EV adoption by making it easier for drivers and businesses to start charging. Ready to get started with EV charging at your business? Click here to get connected. 

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