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What is PlugShare?

Posted 05/01/2024

If you are an electric vehicle (EV) driver, PlugShare is one of your best friends. As the leading 3rd party EV driver app, PlugShare is a service for EV drivers that is meant to help you locate chargers for your vehicle no matter where you are in the world.  

PlugShare, available on the web at and as an app for iOS and Android, empowers users to:  

  • Discover and contribute reviews, tips, and photos for charging station locations. 

  • Seamlessly add your vehicle to filter and view only compatible chargers.  

  • Access the exclusive Trip Planner feature, facilitating EV journeys by identifying charging points along the route. 

  • Stay informed with in-app alerts for nearby charger availability.  

  • Engage in driver-to-driver communication through the app’s messaging platform.  

Here's what you need to know about using PlugShare.

How to Use PlugShare 

Upon registering and signing into PlugShare, you’ll be greeted with a comprehensive map showcasing all registered EV chargers within your region. Through color-coded map pins, PlugShare provides valuable insights into:  

Using colorized map pins, PlugShare shows you: 

  • Public chargers (green), 

  • High-power chargers (orange), 

  • Restricted chargers (brown), 

  • Currently in use chargers (gray), 

  • Chargers under repair or coming soon chargers (black with a wrench symbol), 

  • Residential chargers registered by owners (blue with a house symbol), 

  • Additionally, PlugScores are displayed for each station, reflecting ratings from drivers who have utilized them. 

Notably, “High power chargers” on PlugShare refer to Direct Current Fast Chargers (DCFCs), capable of charging an EV in under an hour, depending on the vehicle.  

On the PlugShare website, simply hover your cursor over a map pin to reveal the charging station’s address and the name of the hosting business or location. Much like Google Maps, PlugShare’s map offers satellite imagery and the option to view traffic information.  

Searching for Chargers

If you’re in search of a particular charger type or one nearby specific amenities, utilize PlugShare’s search tool and filters. With PlugShare, you can refine your search by:  

  • PlugScore 

  • Kilowatt range 

  • Station count 

  • Provided amenities  

You also have the flexibility to customize your search preferences on PlugShare. You can choose to display or hide automotive dealerships, exclude charging stations with restricted access, and opt to reveal or conceal private homes registered on the service. Furthermore, you can filter charging stations based on payment via PlugShare, current availability, and the presence of Tesla-only charging stations.  

It’s important to note that similar to the Blink app, privately available workplace or residential charging stations may not be visible on PlugShare if the host has opted to keep them private.  

Additionally, you can refine your search by specific plug type or explore charging networks such as Blink Charging, for instance. 

Should you come across an EV charging station not yet listed on PlugShare or if you’ve recently installed a station not yet registered, you have the option to register it with PlugShare, including residential charging stations. While PlugShare seamlessly syncs with the Blink Network to display real-time station status and location, please be aware that this feature may not be available for other charging networks.  

Plugshare Reviews 

When you click or tap on a map pin in PlugShare, you’ll discover valuable insights about the station. This includes its PlugScore, ranging from 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. Additionally, you’ll find information about the station host, such as their ownership status (business, government, etc.), available plug types, address, phone number, parking availability, nearby amenities, operating hours, and other pertinent details.  

With PlugShare, you can actively engage with charging stations by checking in, uploading current photos, bookmarking for future reference, obtaining directions, and providing a rating after usage. Furthermore, you have the option to share the location with others.  

It’s important to note that the quantity and quality of information available depends on the level of contribution from both the station host and users to PlugShare. As a voluntary service, PlugShare relies on users to register stations and furnish information, so some locations may have more user-generated data than others.  

Following their usage of a charging station, drivers are encouraged to share their experiences by writing a review and assigning a score between 1 and 10. Your review, score, and photos contribute to the station’s history, ensuring that its current condition is always accurately reflected.

A dark Tesla charges at a Blink Series 7 EV charging station outside the Indian Trail Sheriff Office

A Blink Series 7 charging station in Indian Trail, North Carolina.

Example: Indian Trail Sheriff Office 

Let’s take a closer look at an example in Indian Trail, North Carolina.  

According to PlugShare, the Indian Trail Sheriff’s Office hosts a dual-plug Series 7 charging station equipped with two J-1772 plugs, each providing an output of 4.992kW. As of the time of writing, PlugShare indicates that both plugs are available for use. The 4.992kW output suggests that these stations utilize load management features; in comparison, other Blink Level 2 charging stations may deliver up to 19.2kW at full power.  

PlugShare also provides insight into the station’s location, noting that it is situated at a government facility where payment may be required. Additionally, parking in the facility’s parking lot is free and readily available.  

Station Details 

For a deeper dive into the specifics of a charging station on PlugShare, simply click or tap on the “More details” link next to the plug type. On the website, this action will open a “Station details” popup, offering comprehensive information about the station, including pricing and the charging network name.  

Within the station details section, you may find a breakdown of charging fees, where applicable. While some locations, like this one, utilize a straightforward kWh fee structure, others may employ a hybrid pricing plan that accounts for both energy disbursed and time plugged-in. For instance, a station in Bowie, Maryland provides a breakdown of these fees within the Station Details section.  

Energy fee (charged for the energy disbursed to your vehicle) 

  • $0.0625 kWh for the first 4 hours 

  • $0.125 kWh after 4 hours until charging is complete 

Parking fee (charged for the amount of time that your vehicle is plugged in, regardless of whether energy is flowing to your vehicle) 

  • $0.25 per hour for the first 4 hours 

  • $0.50 per hour after 4 hours until you unplug your vehicle 

Since most EV drivers prefer to top off their vehicles rather than wait until the battery nears 0%, many host locations typically anticipate drivers to charge for a maximum of 4 hours. In such instances, charging fees may escalate after this time frame to incentivize drivers to relocate their vehicle once charging is finished.  


As you explore PlugShare, you’ll discover a wealth of valuable information. One feature we particularly appreciate is the ability to leave reviews, tips, and photos of the stations you visit. While we often discuss expanding the network of EV charging infrastructure worldwide, platforms like PlugShare also foster the growth of a supportive community of EV drivers. By sharing reviews of charging stations, we help each other stay informed with the latest information.  

This month, we encourage EV drivers to take a moment to review your favorite Blink charging stations on PlugShare. And if you typically charge at the same location, consider venturing to a new-to-you Blink charger using the PlugShare app! Your feedback contributes to the collective knowledge of the EV community, ensuring that all drivers have access to accurate and up-to-date information about charging stations.

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