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What Will Happen to Your Charger When 2G is Deactivated? Blink Has You Covered

Posted 09/22/2021

Technology is always moving forward. You’ve probably heard a lot about different cellular signals, like 4G and 5G. Many cellular signal providers have shut down their 2G service as it’s not relevant for most customers anymore. Due to the change, older cellular devices must be retired. This change will affect every device that connects to the internet, including electric car chargers. Why does 2G need to be eliminated? According to, “the main reason for network shutdowns is that the carriers have limited spectrum available for expansion. To provide a faster, more responsive network to their customers, they must re-use the spectrum with newer, more efficient cellular technology.”

Blink's Solution

What does all this have to do with your charger? While Blink believes in cutting-edge technology, we also know that sometimes "out with the old, in with the new" can disrupt customers. Most public chargers belong to a network, which provides services such as the ability to charge for electricity usage. The Blink Network offers the ability to charge customers who use the EVSE and a lot more; our partners create and export standard and customized reports, including detailed EV charging session data. Custom gauges can also be created to save and use data, such as greenhouse gases reduced and barrels of oil saved. Our first-generation and legacy EVSE units may use 2G cellular signals, and therefore those units will no longer be part of the Blink network. By the end of 2021, cellular signal providers will be shutting down 2G service, and first-generation chargers will be offline. When chargers are offline, drivers may charge for free, causing higher electricity costs and no-host revenue. In other words, with no network, there is no way to charge your customers for usage, control who can use the charger, etc, so anyone could drive up, use the charger for free, with all the costs going to the proprietor.

Limited Time Only Promotion

Some networks, like Blink, are offering limited-time special pricing to level up your chargers. The IQ 200 is Blink’s fastest Level 2 charger. The IQ 200 can provide up to 19.2 kW of power. These chargers have been designed for the needs of the future EV driver. With a maximum output of 80 amps (to be installed in a 100-amp circuit), the IQ 200 charges today’s EVs fast and can charge EVs which don’t yet exist. The IQ 200 is not just a step forward, it’s a leap. The IQ 200 is a future-proof solution, not just for right now, but for the EV that hasn’t been invented yet. For a limited time, Blink-owned upgrades are done at no cost to you! The IQ 200 offers up to 65 miles of charge per hour, and membership in the Blink network, providing reliable cellular and WiFi communication modes, real-time energy use, and charger management, with wall or pedestal mounting. Get ahead of the game with a future-proof next-gen charger and make sure customers are paying for the electricity they use. Your business can take advantage of all the amenities that come with being a member of the Blink family.

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