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Residential Incentives

Find Rebates for Blink Residential EV Chargers

Investing in a greener future has never been more accessible with federal, state, and local incentives. and tax credits now available for installing resdiential charging stations.

A variety of incentives and rebates are available for single-family residences interested in installing a Blink Residential Charger.

Some incentives may partially or fully offset the cost of the charging station and installation depending on multiple factors. Please check the incentives and rebates in your area below. Individual restrictions may apply.

"Blink is recognized as a leader in 'on the road' charging also, offering Level 2 and, occasionally, level 3 chargers. They offer reasonably priced charging plans that you can access with a card."

Kevin C.

Amazon Review

Looking for Commercial Incentives?

Discover how you can contribute to a greener future while saving money with Incentives and rebates for commerical EV charger installation

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