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Blink Home EV Charging

Charge from the Comfort of your Home

Designed specifically for home use, the Blink HQ 200 Home EV Charger provides safe, flexible charging, ensuring your EV is always ready to go.

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Why Choose Blink?

High Performing Products

A Blink residential charging station can provide fast level 2 charging, so your EV can charge where you already go and live your life.

Reliable EV Charging

Countless drivers rely on Blink charging stations to charge their EVs at home and on the go all over the world. You can too!

24/7 Customer Support

We are here for any of your EV charging questions! Please contact our Customer Support team at (888) 998-2546 for assistance.

hq 200
hq 200

HQ 200 Smart Level 2 Home Charger

Level 2

The Blink HQ 200 allows you to experience charging innovation at home. The HQ 200 is capable of being installed indoors or outdoors and comes equipped with a NEMA 14-50P plug. Its 23-foot plug features a universal J1772 lockable charge connector that is sturdy enough to withstand daily use. Its UL listing and ENERGY STAR Certification paired with a Blink warranty and 24/7 support guarantees you peace of mind.


check the incentives & rebates in your area

Incentives & rebates are available for those installing a Blink Residential Charger, which may offset the cost of the charging station and installation.

Track Your Impact

Your Blink dashboard actively displays the pounds of CO2 reduced, barrels of oils saved, and even dollars saved, providing a clear and friendly overview.

Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Charging Questions, Answered

Here are the top charging questions asked by residential property owners and managers like you.

How do I choose the right product for residential charging?

Level 2 charging stations are recommended for all residential charging. For single family homes, we offer the HQ 200, found on the Blink website and Amazon. For multifamily communities and homeowner’s associations, we offer several commercial solutions for shared, assigned, and visitor parking. Your Blink sales manager can help you select the right charging station for your community.

Blink charging stations use the standard connectors for each region. In North America, the standard Level 2 plug is the J-1772, which is compatible with all plug-in EVs. Tesla drivers may use the NACS to J-1772 adapter, available from Tesla. NACS versions of our residential chargers will be available for pre-order in the coming months.

The HQ200, a 50amp charging station, can charge up to 32 miles of range per charging hour. Charging speeds vary based on factors including charging station amperage and vehicle make and model.

"Blink EV charging stations complement the premium amenity offerings at Giralda Place. In addition to private resident programming, curated street-level retail, and proximity to daily lifestyle conveniences, Blink’s EV charging stations allow us to cater to the growing EV driving segment."

Victor Chavez

Giralda Place Head of Operations, Coral Gables, FL

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