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Maryland Celebrates New Blink Global Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility

Posted 03/19/2024

A new global headquarters. An expanded manufacturing facility. A commitment to a greener future.  

This month, Blink announced the establishing of our global headquarters in Bowie, Maryland where a 15,000 square foot facility will open later this year. Additionally, plans are underway to significantly enhance manufacturing capabilities with the opening of a new LEED Gold-certified production facility covering 30,000 square feet. This expansion aims to add an extra production line, optimizing operations to meet the growing demand for EV charging units.  

Motivated by a commitment to sustainable transportation solutions, these initiatives highlight Blink’s pivotal role in an ever-changing industry landscape. To mark this milestone, Blink executives and the board of directors gathered for a week in Bowie, Maryland, and Washington, DC. for the grand opening of the new manufacturing facility and discussions with policymakers about EV policy and Blink’s trajectory in 2024 and beyond.

Grand Opening

Distinguished leaders from federal, state and local governments and the EV industry celebrated an incredible milestone at Blink’s new campus in Bowie, Maryland. Attendees toured the new manufacturing facility, located in a dynamic mixed-business community developed by St. John’s Properties, Inc. Known for their environmentally friendly business practices across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, St. John’s Properties Inc. has created a vibrant environment for Blink’s operations.  

In response to the rising demand for electric vehicles and charging stations, Blink is planning to ramp up its production capacity to over 50,000 units per year. The new facility on Howerton Way is Blink’s primary manufacturing hub in North America, aligning with federal regulations to prioritize domestic manufacturing. Blink’s Series 6, Series 7, and Series 8 L2 chargers will be produced at this facility. 

Throughout the event, guests participated in discussions with executive board members and government representatives from the state, local, and federal levels. Topics ranged from expanding manufacturing to developing the workforce and exploring investment opportunities in Maryland and the broader United States.  

A Blink employee assembles a Series 7 EV charging station at Blink's new manufacturing facility in Bowie, Maryland.

We appreciate everyone who attended, including our special guests:  

  • The Hon. Wes Moore, Governor of Maryland 

  • The Hon. David Turk, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy 

  • The Hon. Shailen Bhatt, FHWA Administrator 

  • Mr. Ali Zaidi, Assistant to the President and White House National Climate Advisor 

  • The Hon. Steny Hoyer, U.S. Representative (MD-05) and former House Majority Leader 

  • The Hon. Glenn Ivey, U.S. Representative (MD-04) 

  • Mr. Gabe Klein, Executive Director, Joint Office of Energy & Transportation 

  • The Hon. Kevin Anderson, Maryland Secretary of Commerce 

  • The Hon. Ron Watson, PhD, Maryland State Senator 

  • The Hon. Adrian Boafo, Maryland Delegate 

  • The Hon. Kym Taylor, Maryland Delegate 

  • The Hon. Ingrid Watson, Prince George's County Council Member 

During his tour of Blink’s new manufacturing facility, Maryland Governor Wes Moore emphasized that, "progress is going to happen because it requires a partnership." As a leader in the EV industry, Blink is committed to the expansion, sustainability, and viability of EV charging across the country. 

Blink on Capitol Hill and at the White House

After the grand opening, Blink executives and board members visited Capitol Hill. Discussions focused on U.S. manufacturing and the expansion of electric vehicle infrastructure. It was an honor to discuss such vital legislation and investment as the EV network continues to expand. Blink executives also had the privilege to visit the White House. Special thanks to Samantha Silverberg, Deputy Assistant to the President for Infrastructure Implementation, and Katy Searcy, Chief of Staff to the Office of Infrastructure Implementation, for meeting the Blink team. It was an important opportunity to discuss the future of sustainable transportation.

Blink in 2024

Gathering the Blink leadership team in the nation's capital provided an ideal setting to discuss the future of the company.   

In 2023, Blink experienced significant growth, with total revenue increasing by 130% compared to 2022 and a remarkable 671% increase over 2021. This growth was driven by strong market demand and the company’s commitment to excellence in continuously improving its products and services. The new Blink Network offers a vastly improved user experience, making charging even easier for customers.  

Now in 2024, Blink has reached an operational milestone with the successful launch and commencement of production at the expanded facility in Bowie, Maryland.  

Blink’s product portfolio continues to grow, attracting prestigious clients like the United States Postal Service and Mack Trucks, for fleet applications. 

We believe that by making EV charging more widely available and convenient, we can reduce reliance on fossil fuels, improve air quality, and contribute to a better driving experience. 

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