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SemaConnect, Welcome to Blink Charging

Posted 06/28/2023

Last year, Blink Charging made several acquisitions including SemaConnect, a leading North American EV charging company. We are excited to announce that our network integration is now complete! Former SemaConnect EV drivers and charging station hardware have been moved onto the Blink Network.  

What This Means for EV Drivers 

Former SemaConnect members can now access thousands of  Blink charging stations using the Blink Charging mobile app. Former SemaConnect accounts, balances, saved payment methods, and favorite charging stations have been transferred to Blink. Former SemaConnect members who also had a Blink membership had their accounts merged, if both accounts were using the same email address.  To get started, simply download the Blink app and select “Forgot Password” on the login screen to get started with your new Blink member account.

What This Means for the Industry 

While there are a number of EV charging companies, Blink Charging and SemaConnect were among the first and both significant players in the industry. The acquisition brings Blink SemaConnect’s state-of-the-art hardware united with Blink’s advanced EV management platform and flexible business models. From Blink’s in-house manufacturing and network development to turn-key deployment solutions, Blink is bringing comprehensive residential, commercial, and fleet solutions to EV drivers and site hosts globally.   As one company, Blink offers thousands of Level 2 and DC fast chargers across the globe giving EV drivers even more access to charging stations and the convenience of a single mobile application. As the industry matures, Blink will continue to evolve to make the EV charging experience accessible encouraging widespread EV adoption.  As Blink President and CEO Brendan Jones said, “The integration of our SemaConnect chargers into the Blink Network is a significant milestone, symbolizing the culmination of our efforts to fully merge the two companies after rebranding the units and operations earlier this year. By combining their strengths and value, we can assure our customers that they have access to state-of-the-art chargers paired with the innovative products and exceptional service they deserve.”  The SemaConnect acquisition and network integration is a gamechanger for EV charging in the US. As one company, we are dedicated to bringing you the best EV charging stations, network, and customer support. Whether your business needs Made in America EV chargers, flexible business models to meet every need, or powerful EV fleet charging solutions, Blink is here to help. 

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