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Charge on the Go - Blink Charging

The Blink Charging Mobile App allows drivers to search for a charging station by address, zip code, city business name, or category. Customers can filter results by speed, availability, hours, cost, or connection type.


Get The App

Download Blink’s user-friendly Blink Charging Mobile App on Google Play or the Apple Store to find a Blink charger.

Find a Charger

The Blink Charging Mobile App allows drivers to find charging stations near them by location, business name, or category.

Start a charge

Once you are parked and plugged in, select the unit number of the charger and plug you are using on the App. Then, pay to initiate a charge through our App, membership card, credit card where available, or by calling Blink Customer Support.

On your way

Make sure to enable alerts to receive a notification when your charging session is complete. Return the plug to the unit and enjoy your journey!

Find a Charging Station Near You


Designed to make charging from the comfort of your home fast and convenient

The Blink HQ 200 is sleek in design featuring an output of up to 50 amps providing a fast and convenient home charging experience. The HQ 200 is able to connect to Wi-Fi, and communicates with the Blink Charging Mobile App. Accessible through our robust Blink mobile app, the HQ 200 can be controlled from anywhere, allowing you to schedule your charging hours to take full advantage of off-peak electricity rates.



Discover the power of PlugShare!

Your go-to tool for finding EV charging stations, leaving reviews, and connecting with fellow enthusiasts. Don’t forget to check in with Blink after your charging experience.

Blink Charging Mobile App


EV Driver Questions, Answered

Here are the top charging questions asked by EV drivers like you.

Do I need to be a Blink Member to charge with Blink?

Anyone can use a public Blink charging station; no membership is necessary. However, there are advantages to becoming a Blink Member. Members gain access to their charging history and may qualify for discounted rates at select public charging stations on the Blink Network across the country. Note that membership is required to charge at a private Series station.

Drivers have multiple options to access and start charging sessions at public Blink EV chargers: through the Blink Charging mobile app, the Blink membership card, or the automated pay-by-phone system for Series X chargers. Additionally, using the credit card reader available on select charging stations.

In North America, Blink Level 2 charging stations are compatible with all electric vehicles that use the J1772 plug, which is standard on all North American vehicles. The Blink units can also charge Tesla model vehicles with the Tesla/NACS adapter available directly through Tesla. For DC Fast Chargers, please check your vehicle manual for compatibility with standard CCS, CHAdeMO and NACS connectors.

The length of time necessary to charge an EV depends on the station amperage, starting battery level, and vehicle model. A Level 2 charging station may deliver 25-50 miles of range per charging hour. Please refer to your vehicle’s owners manual or view the Blink Charging Time Calculator for more detailed information.

Ready to Get the Blink App?

Download the Blink Charging Mobile App on Google Play or the Apple Store to find a Blink charger near you.