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Flexible EV Charging Solutions

Attract & Retain Tenants With Smart EV Charging Solutions

Blink love to be included in a construction project right at the start. At the outline planning and development stage. That’s the best time to plan in charger location and supply. It’s also the cheapest moment to install cabling for future network expansion. But we’re also very used to retrofitting in established sites. In fact, that’s typical for us, and has built our extensive experience in accommodating all the various moving parts and different organisations involved in an occupied site.

apartments and condos

Renters are looking for properties with EV charges. Don't miss out.

Attract Residents

Set your property apart from the others in the area by providing residents the ability to charge their vehicles conveniently at home.

Adapt for future

Enhance property value, increase average rent, and stay ahead of potential building codes mandating EV charging in the future.

Generate Revenue

Boost your ROI by generating charging revenue or providing complimentary charging to residents at a higher rental premium.

Solutions for Apartments and Condos

Blink provides a full range of deployment configurations for your industry. We deliver high-speed performance on a smart network.

Recommended Product

EQ 200

Powerful and innovative V2X charging station

  • Socket/cable variants available

  • Adjustable power: 7.4kW-22kW

  • Connects via Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, 2G, 4G or LTE Cellular signal

  • Wall or Pedestal options

Ready to start designing your ideal EV Charging solution?

Learn how to use EV charging stations to attract new customers and increase duration and frequency of visits at your business.

Flexible Business Models

Discover Blink's diverse EV charging business models tailored to fit any location and need, ensuring accessibility and growth.

Host Owned

Perfect for service locations, Blink's Host Owned option is for those who want to be the sole owner and operator of their EV charging stations.

Blink Owned

For select locations, Blink will provide the installation, equipment, operations, and administration and share a portion of the revenues with the host.

Blink as a Service

Blink’s subscription program provides an EV charging station with low upfront costs and all the control of ownership without any of the hassle.

Hybrid Owned

With the hybrid owned program, Blink covers the cost of equipment, operations, and administration. All you need to do is make the site EV charger ready.

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