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Accessible EV Charging

Smart EV Charging Stations For Public and Private Spaces

Smart Fast and Rapid EV Charging Solutions for reliable and efficient charging, ready to install at your business.

Commercial Properties

Fast and Rapid EV Charging Solutions

Chargers for any business, of any size. To prepare any location, from public to private, from hotels to workplaces or residential dwellings, Blink Charging offers solutions that are fast, reliable, and ready for the future.

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Residential EV Chargers

Blink Charging offers fast and reliable home charging solutions that are innovative and put the drivers first. We pride ourselves in having forward-thinking solutions ready to install today.

check the available funding and grants in your area

Incentives & rebates are available for those installing a Blink Residential Charger, which may offset the cost of the charging station and installation. *Individual restrictions may apply.

Why Choose Blink?

High Performing Products

A Blink charger can provide fast charging, so your EV can charge wherever you are so you can go and live your life.

Reliable EV Charging

Countless drivers rely on Blink chargers to charge their EVs on the go all over the world. You can too!

24/7 Customer Support

We are here for any of your EV charging questions! Contact our Customer Support team at (+44) 01727 807 263 for assistance.

One Partner for All Your Charging Needs

Our comprehensive range of services caters to all your electric vehicle needs – from seamless installations to reliable maintenance and exceptional customer support.

Our Products

Reliable, fast, and efficient EV chargers

Our diverse product line-up features the right equipment for all your needs

Blink prides itself on bringing to market innovative, quality products that further our mission of slowing climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused by transportation.

Our EV charging products offer a full range of deployment configurations, including single and dual pedestals, wall-mounted chargers, Tethered and untethered, and DC rapid chargers.


Flexible Business Models

Discover Blink's diverse EV charging business models tailored to fit any location and need, ensuring accessibility and growth.

Host Owned

Perfect for service locations, Blink's Host Owned option is for those who want to be the sole owner and operator of their EV charging stations.

Blink Owned

For select locations, Blink will provide the installation, equipment, operations, and administration and share a portion of the revenues with the host.

Blink as a Service

Blink’s subscription program provides an EV charging station with low upfront costs and all the control of ownership without any of the hassle.

Hybrid Owned

With the hybrid owned program, Blink covers the cost of equipment, operations, and administration. All you need to do is make the site EV charger ready

Product Grid

Products to keep you charged, everywhere, every time.

  • EQ 200


    The EQ 200 EV charger is a smart, affordable, scalable and compact charging solution suitable for...

  • City Line 100

    Level 2

    Qualifying for On-street Residential Charging Scheme (ORCS) funding, these fast chargers draw their...

  • Single Pro Line

    Level 2

    Meet the charger designed to offer a compact solution for domestic fleet-at-home and small worksite...

  • Double Pro Line

    Level 2

    The Eve Double Pro-line is the smart charging solution for semi-public environments, such as...

  • Twin Port

    Level 2

    The Twin’s back-to-back dual socket can deliver up to 77 miles an hour, making it ideal for all...

  • DC Wallbox


    The DC Wallbox provides high efficiency charging services for commercial sites. The wallbox's small...

  • UFC 200


    The Blink UFC 200 is a 3-in-1 charger that can charge up to three vehicles simultaneously. Two DC...

  • Slim Line


    This small-footprint fast charger provides up to 100kW DC or 43kW AC and can charge up to three cars...


EV Industry Insights

Stay current on the world of electric vehicles with the latest insights from Blink.

Commercial EV Charging Products

Easy-to-use Level 2 and DC fast chargers that support public and private charging at any location.

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How to Plan Summer Travel with an EV

When you travel with an EV, though, you must be more meticulous with your planning as chargers can become more difficult to find outside urban areas. If you’re taking a roadtrip in an EV this summer, follow these six helpful guidelines to make your travel easier.



Why Hotels Are Essential to This Year’s Summer EV

Every year, even more of these trips are taken by electric vehicles (EVs), as people continue making the switch. By 2030, McKinsey even predicts that there will be as many as 48 million EVs on American highways!


Government Fleets

Why Fleet Owners Are Electrifying Their Vehicles

Thanks to new tax credits for EVs and EV charging stations as well as lower fuel and maintenance costs for EVs, fleet managers can now save money while setting an example for other organizations.

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