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Looking for the right charging solution?Discover Blink

Maintenance & support

Always ready for the road ahead

A charging station up and running and a mind at ease: that’s what you get with Blink.

Personal service

We're with you every step of the way

Once the installation phase has ended, our dedicated maintenance & support begins. We monitor the performance and uptime of your EV charging station. Our fast support services are designed to address occurring issues. Any questions? Rely on your Blink project manager to answer them. As for the EV drivers using your chargers: they can count on round-the-clock customer service.

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Blink EV Charging Installation Services

A close eye on all your chargers

An in-house team on stand-by

Our experienced in-house team consistently monitors your chargers. They run point on any necessary repairs and assign the right technical professionals to resolve issues, whether remote or on-site. Whatever assistance you need: count on Blink’s end-to-end support, respecting your organization's SLAs throughout.

Driver Support

Round-the-clock support for EV drivers

You want to give EV drivers using your chargers a seamless charging experience. That’s why we have first and second line support available at all times. Through a QR-code on our chargers, drivers can find details on rates and charging speed. It also gives them direct access to our 24/7 driver support desk.

The Blink Network

Your advanced host portal

Depending on the business model you choose, you get access to a user-friendly platform to monitor your chargers remotely. Gain insights into your station’s activity, design your own data reports and keep track of sustainability metrics. And that’s definitely not all the Blink Network has to offer.

All-in-one solutions for your charging needs

Considering EV charging? Blink takes everything out of your hands. Here’s why we’re the logical choice for your charging solution.

Turnkey installation

Sit back, relax and let Blink handle everything: from technical inspections and on-site preparation to all-round installation.

Continued maintenance

We monitor your chargers and take care of any necessary repairs.

Round-the-clock support

Users of your charging facilities can count on 24/7 driver support. You can depend on your dedicated Blink project manager.

Flexible business models

Four customizable models to match with your specific charging needs

Dynamic load balancing

Thanks to Blink’s cutting-edge technology, we use the available energy as efficiently as possible.

Solutions built for your industry


Integrating electric vehicles into your company fleet? Count on Blink for hassle-free charging infrastructure.

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