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Join the Blink Network

Manage your chargers anywhere, anytime with the Blink Network. Choose your own tariffs and download detailed charging reports on our cloud-based software.

The Blink Network

Maximum control over your chargers

The Blink Network host portal gives you a clear overview of your entire charging operation, at one or multiple locations. And that’s not all: our cloud-based software allows you to apply flexible pricing and combines all charging data in comprehensive reports.

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The Blink Network

Your advanced online portal

Real-time view

Monitor and manage all your charging stations in real time from a single platform.

Flexible pricing

Maximize your revenue by choosing your own rates at user or station level.

Comprehensive data reports

Gain insight into usage, turnover, energy costs and user experience to make strategic expanding decisions.

Remote access

The connectivity feature of our smart chargers allows us to troubleshoot remotely, minimizing downtime.


Keep track of charger activity

Chargers connected to the Blink Network unlock advanced management features. Get access to all charging history, manage your fleet as well as your energy schedules and download extensive reports. Monitoring, troubleshooting and requesting technical support can all happen remotely, which maximizes your chargers’ availability.

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Get in touch and see how Blink can help with your EV charging needs!

All-in-one solutions for your charging needs

Considering EV charging? Blink takes everything out of your hands. Here’s why we’re the logical choice for your charging solution.

Turnkey installation

Sit back, relax and let Blink handle everything: from technical inspections and on-site preparation to all-round installation.

Continued maintenance

We monitor your chargers and take care of any necessary repairs.

Round-the-clock support

Users of your charging facilities can count on 24/7 driver support. You can depend on your dedicated Blink project manager.

Flexible business models

Four customizable models to match with your specific charging needs

Dynamic load balancing

Thanks to Blink’s cutting-edge technology, we use the available energy as efficiently as possible.

Solutions built for your industry


Integrating electric vehicles into your company fleet? Count on Blink for hassle-free charging infrastructure.

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