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What is Sourcewell?

Posted 08/18/2022

Procurement does not have to be difficult, thanks to Sourcewell. You can enjoy access to pre-completed public bidding processes, and discounted prices on EV charging solutions. Sourcewell offers a cooperative procurement solution that enables government public entities to purchase goods at competitive prices, and signing up is free. Sourcewell, formerly known as the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA), helps government buyers save time and money by combining the buying power of 50,000 government, education, and nonprofit organizations. Sourcewell holds hundreds of competitively solicited cooperative contracts for use by any public sector agency.

“We’re excited to have a contract with Sourcewell, to make our EV chargers available to the municipal and nonprofit entities that Sourcewell serves. As more and more drivers transition to EVs, the installation and availability of reliable charging infrastructure is critical. We are optimistic that this Sourcewell contract will help municipalities streamline the procurement process, making it easier to get Blink EV Charging stations installed in local communities and help further the acceleration of electric vehicle use”

- Michael Battaglia, Senior Vice President of Blink.

The Benefits of Using Sourcewell

Participation with Sourcewell is FREE, with no obligation to purchase. All government agencies, public and private schools/colleges, and nonprofit organizations can register free of charge. Additionally, Sourcewell contracts eliminate the complex challenges that traditional Request for Procurement (RFP) typically presents. In our experience, two obstacles make the RFP process more complicated than using Sourcewell. First, RFPs can limit the quantity and quality of responses a government agency may receive. Additionally, responding to RFPs is a complicated process, and a business may decide not to respond to the RFP for various reasons. And those that do respond may not have the solution a government agency seeks. Moreover, the RFP process is very time-consuming and this can result in the agency taking months from writing the solicitation to awarding a contract.

Blink Solutions Through Sourcewell

Following a competitive solicitation process, Blink electric vehicle (EV) chargers are now available to more than 50,000 government, education, and non-profit organizations that use Sourcewell for their procurement needs. As part of their agreement with Sourcewell, Blink offers several types of charging solutions in their electric vehicle supply equipment category. Including Level 2 (L2) and Direct Current Fast Chargers (DCFC), along with a broad range of related services. Blink has a direct sales structure and a reseller network to serve participating entities across the United States. Blink offers Sourcewell participating entities a discount off MSRP for networked chargers with volume discounts available and connection to the Blink Network. For example, eligible participants receive an 18% discount for the IQ 200 product line (AC Level 2) and 10% discount for Blink’s DC Fast Charger line (DCFC). In addition to discounts, Sourcewell participants take advantage of the dedicated team at Blink ready to assist with any technical issues. Procurement has never been easier, specially when you can register with Sourcewell very easily. Join today and start taking advantage of all the perks Blink has to offer!

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Enjoy an accelerated bidding process & discounted prices on EV charging solutions.

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