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Empowering electric mobility, one charge at a time.

Blink Charging is paving the way for EV adoption through the global deployment and operation of EV charging stations. Our clients include parking facilities, apartments and condos, educational facilities, hospitality locations, and more.

Your Customers are Already EV Drivers. Don't miss Out!

Flexible Business Models

Support diverse business models to accomodate the growing demand from EV drivers with tailored programs to address the unique needs of each location.

Emerging Market

Attract and retain customers by offering an amenity sought by 88% of consumers. Position your business as an EV charging destination on multiple channels such as Google Maps and the Blink Mobile app.

Generate Revenue

Add an additional revenue stream by offering EV charging. In addition to providing a much needed service to your customers, you can extend visitor dwell time.

Track Your Impact

The Blink App dashboard actively displays your sustainability efforts towards CO2 reduction, positive environmental impact, and economic savings through use of Blink EV charging solutions.

One Partner for All Your Charging Needs

Blink is there for your business every step of the way. We provide a full range of deployment configurations for your industry and deliver high-speed performance on a smart network.


Products to Keep You Charged, Everywhere, Every time.

The Blink Hardware Difference

Blink has installed thousands of charging stations for all types of programs and we are confident that we have the right product to fit for your needs.

  • Commercial, residential, and portable EV charging stations

  • Wi-fi, ethernet or 4G connections available

  • J1772, CCS, and NACS plugs compatible

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Solutions Built For Your Industry


Airports are major transportation hubs and employment centers, bringing together thousands of vehicles, making them ideal for EV charging stations.

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Ready to start designing your ideal EV Charging solution?

Learn how to use EV charging stations to attract new customers and increase duration and frequency of visits at your business.

EV Industry Insights

Stay current on the world of electric vehicles with the latest insights from Blink.

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