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Where is Blink Charging a Verified State Vendor?

Posted 09/14/2023

Blink Charging’s numerous corporate and government partnerships are based on our reputation for providing the best quality electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), design services, and turnkey business models. The second quarter of 2023 was our strongest quarter ever with a 186% increase in total revenues, and a 211% increase in service revenues over the second quarter of 2022. This growing success is in part thanks to state governments and other major institutions trusting us as their EVSE partner of choice. Here’s what you need to know about four state contracts that include Blink Charging as a verified vendor.

Which States Have Verified Blink as a Vendor?

When it comes to fulfilling EVSE requirements, state governments trust Blink to deliver and install their EV charging equipment. We have been certified as EVSE vendors and designated as official suppliers for governments and related agencies in the following states:


The State of Colorado awarded Blink Contract 176608 for the purchase of electric vehicle charging stations by the state government from 2022 to 2024. When any government-run agency in Colorado wishes to purchase EVSE, it will be from us, their designated supplier.


The State of Maryland government awarded Contract 001B2600353 to Blink for the statewide purchase of electric vehicle charging stations and equipment for governmental purposes from 2022 to 2025. Similar to Colorado, when any government agency in Maryland wants to buy EVSE, it will be from Blink, their trusted electrification partner.


Blink was chosen by the Utah Division of Purchasing for Contract AR4038 to supply EVSE for government, non-profit, K-12, and higher education agencies in Utah.

As part of this newly signed agreement, the Salt Lake City International Airport has already purchased and installed 10 Blink Series 7, 48-amp Level 2 chargers.

Blink’s Chief Operating Officer Mike Battaglia said this about the importance of the Utah contract: “Being recognized as a trusted supplier by the State of Utah is an important step for Blink, making our products more accessible to public agencies in building their EV infrastructure, as demonstrated at Salt Lake City International Airport.”

The agreement between Blink and the Government of Utah provides the state government with options to purchase the aforementioned Series 7, as well as the Blink Series 8, and Blink’s line of Direct Current Fast Chargers (DCFCs).


In addition to having agreements with state governments, Blink also has a contract with Sourcewell, a cooperative purchasing agency that helps governments, nonprofits, and educational facilities procure goods and services by banding together for bulk purchasing.

Blink’s Sourcewell Contract 042221-SEM provides access to:

Blink Charging and Your Business or Government

Blink is honored to be a trusted EVSE partner to the governments of Alaska, Colorado, Maryland and Utah, along with Sourcewell and the USPS. If your government agency or business is considering the jump to electrification, Blink can act as your guide through the process.

Blink’s Commercial Incentives finder helps businesses find federal, state, and local commercial incentives – like tax breaks and rebates – for your region and preferred product.

Here are some of the states with grants available for the purchase of Blink EVSE:

  • California

  • Delaware

  • Florida

  • Maryland

  • Massachusetts

  • New Jersey

  • North Carolina

  • Ohio

  • Pennsylvania

  • Vermont

The Blink Advantage

More and more state governments and institutions, along with a growing number of businesses, are choosing to partner with Blink due to many factors including our equipment, Buy America products, and full turnkey solutions.

Industry-Leading Equipment

Blink is proud to be the only US vertically integrated EV charging company that manufactures and sells charging equipment while also owning and operating chargers connected to the Blink Network. To continually help our customers with a wide variety of options, we are committed to providing industry-leading equipment like the Blink Series 8 EV charging station with a credit card reader and the upcoming Series 9 30kW DC fast charging station.

American-Made Products

Because all EV chargers funded through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law must be built in the United States, Blink offers Level 2 charging equipment that meets these stringent requirements so you can comply with any federal, state or local funding rules. Consider the Series 7 for workplace and fleet charging or the Series 8 for public charging. Both charging stations are built in our Bowie, Maryland manufacturing facility and can deliver up to 80amp/19.2kW of electricity to an electric vehicle.

Design & Turnkey Infrastructure Service

Blink can play as much of a role in your electrification process as you need. We provide design services for your EV charging infrastructure and a turnkey approach to managing and promoting your chargers. Whether your prefer a Host Owned, Blink as a Service, or full turnkey program, our flexible business models make it easier to install EV charging at your location.

Blink partnerships

Blink Charging provides Level 2 and DCFC stations along with network services for government offices, workplaces, and fleets. Blink has an extensive charging footprint with over 78,000 chargers contracted, sold, or deployed worldwide and in-house Level 2 charger manufacturing capabilities with final assembly in the United States. All of our industry-leading equipment is built with reliability and consistent uptime as top priorities.

While Blink Charging has been awarded with a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract by the General Services Administration (GSA), our products were previously included for Blanket Purchase Agreements of EVSE under these partners:

Our partners for GSA Fleet EVSE purchases are:

  • ABM Industries

  • The Lioce Group

  • PLEMCo


Numerous state governments, national institutions, and cooperative purchasing services have put their trust in Blink to provide them with the highest quality electric vehicle supply equipment that complies with Made in America mandates. Our turnkey design and hosting solutions, along with our extensive network, mobile app and fleet management software, provides government and educational agencies a reliable way to transition their fleets to electric vehicles and provide electric vehicle charging infrastructure to customers and employees.

Learn more information about Blink's solutions , or contact our government services sales team directly at

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